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As a responsible employer and manufacturer, Esseco UK's activities are underpinned by a number of key policies and philosophies.

Responsible Care and Sustainable Development

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Member of the UK Chemical Industries Association and is a signatory to the Responsible Care Management System. Responsible Care is an international chemical industry voluntary initiative. It is designed to not only improve the performance of the chemical industry in the fields of Health, Safety, Environment, product safety, emergency response and relations with the public, but also to enable companies to demonstrate that these improvements are taking place. Responsible Care concerns continual improvement in performance and communication.

All potential new products and processes are thoroughly assessed and evaluated before introduction. Those with potential environmental problems are avoided. Processes generating minimal waste or by-products are selected by preference. Energy requirements are always considered when developing new processes.

Safety, Health, and Environment Policy

The Company is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards of safety and health for its employees, contractors, visitors and others who may be affected by its operations. It has also pledged to the prevention of pollution, a high standard of care for the environment and the continuous improvement of its SHE performance.

The Company regards the management of SHE as an integral part of the overall management system of the Company and the achievement of SHE objectives will be given priority over other business matters.

The Company will provide the financial, physical and human resources to achieve its SHE objectives and will communicate its policy to all employees.

The Company is committed, as a minimum, to complying with all statutory regulations and other legal requirements to which the Company subscribes regarding health, safety and environment. We will aim to fulfill the spirit of the law and not just comply with the minimum technical requirements.

The Company will continue to develop an open and effective relationship with relevant statutory government bodies to ensure awareness and compliance with the above.

All potential new products and processes are thoroughly assessed and evaluated, from a SHE stand-point, before introduction.

The Company is committed to waste minimisation. Processes and new products having minimal waste or by-products, are selected by preference. Materials having the lowest potential environmental impact or safety hazard are selected where possible.

The Company is committed to efficient energy management. Energy requirements are always considered when developing new processes.

Process development is on going, and is aimed at reducing wastes by recycling or other means.

Only approved sub-contractors and suppliers are used. These are selected on the basis of having documented and effective management systems.

A pro-active approach to site tidiness and house keeping is maintained.

The management of SHE is a line management responsibility. The Managing Director is responsible to the board of the company for all SHE matters.

The Company SHE manual, which is issued to all employees, explains how this policy is implemented. The Company is committed to maintaining a documented SHE management system covering all areas of its work. The SHE manual is the top-tier document of this system.

Quality Policy

The objective of the Company is to supply high quality products that meet the specific requirements of its customers and to transport them in a satisfactory and safe manner by approved hauliers.

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Esseco UK has an ongoing programme to ensure that our production facilities are fully compliant with the latest hygiene legislation and quality standards. We have been certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA) to the following Quality Management Standard:

The Quality Management System is applicable to:

Development and Manufacture of inorganic salts and associated organic compounds; Esseco aqueous precision parts cleaning formulations and specialised de-icing formulations. Manufacture and procurement of ammonium bicarbonate.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Esseco UK fully supports the principle of equality of opportunity throughout its workforce and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, religion, gender, marital status, age or disability. The Company is committed to the equal and fair treatment of all actual and potential employees in relation to recruitment, selection, training, career progression, discipline and grievance, and on-job support, counselling and guidance.

In recognising these duties, Esseco UK declares itself to be an "Equal Opportunities Employer".